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Appeals Policy and Procedure


The Appeals policy is designed to protect the interests of all candidates and also to protect the integrity of the qualifications.

Candidates have the right to appeal in the event that they are dissatisfied with the following:

· The assessment decisions made by ART & DESIGN LIFE LTD, where applicable

· The assessment decisions made by the Awarding Organization

· The decision by ART & DESIGN LIFE LTDnot to support an enquiry or appeal to the Awarding Organization

A copy of the appeals procedure is available to all candidates.

There is an informal and formal procedure available. The formal procedure is only to be followed if the informal procedure has failed or is inappropriate for the circumstances. All appeals must be via the formal procedures of the Awarding Organization and supported by the Center Manager.

Every attempt will be made to resolve disputes as near as possible to the point of origin ART & DESIGN LIFE LTD will keep appeals records for inspection by the Awarding Organization

for a minimum of 18 months.

Informal Procedure

1. Where a candidate wishes to make an appeal against the quality of provision at the center he/she should first of all attempt to resolve the matter by a direct approach to the Center Manager.

2. If the matter remains unresolved the candidate may require a personal interview with the Center Manager.

3. Before the personal interview, the Center Manager should have obtained an independent second opinion on the initial decision.

4. If, after any action to resolve the dispute taken by the Center Manager, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, the complainant may use the formal procedure.

Formal Procedure

Once the informal procedure has been exhausted, of if it is inappropriate to the circumstances, the formal procedure is to be followed.

1. The complainant will be required to submit a formal complaint in writing to the Center Manager.

2. Within 10 working days of receiving the written appeal, the decision of the Center Manager should be communicated to the student/trainee.

3. Decisions by the Center Manager regarding the quality of teaching provision are final.

4. If the complainant disagrees with the result of the formal Appeals procedure regarding assessment decisions, they may utilize the Awarding Organizations formal Appeals procedure for which they must be supported by the center. For details of the Awarding Organization Appeals Procedure, please refer to the relevant Awarding Organization website.

Further Appeals

Any learner wishing to appeal against the operation of the Appeals Procedure can do so in writing to the Center Manager.

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